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“Hi, Nathanael I know we spoke on several occasions but I’m happy I finally decided to take the plunge and sell him my house. Best decision ever! It was so easy and it saved me 6% of my profits  my agent wanted to keep.  Thanks for easing my nerves bout this.

-Aziam Howes

“So this is a testimonial from my heart and written with my wife’s encouragement. As a realestate agent its hard to find homes for my clients that they can afford to buy. Many of my clients are first time home buyer OR investors. I often have a hard time finding the deals they need and can afford. Since finding Up Right Real Estate corp Nathanael’s team has informed me whenever they have a property that matches my clients criteria. The my client and I check out the property and purchases the property directly from them. It makes it so much easier and another avenue to helping me close more sales each month. I find it interesting how they do not use MLS to find properties but find under market value deals. The sellers and buyers have always seemed to be happy with anything that Nathanael tell them. He said ” I cant help them you can” Good job! A first class organization.

Amal James
Re Max Realtor
“Hi Bud, It’s been our pleasure working with your team Nathanael. I still cant believe you told me to get the renovation done then get the finances I needed out out the new valued appraisal. You are a genius brother. Instead of selling my house to you. (Like who does that!). Thanks man.
-Anthony Mc Clean
Anti Bully firm
“We have truly enjoy being contracted by Up right Real Estate corp. Nathanael is very polite with a wealth of knowledge. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his family.”
-Frank Deereo